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TEAM Destination Management provide services and solutions which hinge around the core competencies of accommodation, transport and logistics, staffing, event and venue management, touring and consulting services.


Expert, dedicated staff is at the heart of any successful event – and one of the principal reasons TEAM DM has gained in renown amongst demanding clients. At TEAM DM, we enjoy instant, automatic access to the entire global staffing resource with expertise around global sporting events. This means you are assured of specialist expertise, regardless of the event.


Arranging and managing suitable accommodation demands precise planning many months in advance, yet also having the flexibility to deal smoothly with last-minute changes. TEAM DM is always abreast of the latest developments, in order for us to offer the optimal balance of budget, location and quality – guaranteeing satisfaction for both you and your guests.

Transport and Logistics

At TEAM DM, we are acutely conscious of the need for safe, reliable, luxury, punctual transport at all times. For this reason, we operate our own selection of small, impeccably maintained vehicles and employ highly experienced, professional drivers. For the larger luxury coaches, we partner with the finest coach companies in an effort to provide an unrivalled transport solution for bigger groups.

Itinerary, Planning & Execution

Breathtaking natural wonders, the colour and vitality of markets and museums, mouth-watering local cuisine, the exciting rhythm of the city’s night-life, the sights, sounds and thrills are all out there waiting to be enjoyed. TEAM DM use careful planning, expertise in wave planning and top-rate professional guides to provide touring solutions for you and your guests.