Russia World Cup Host Cities Candidates

Here we have a list of the host cities candidates for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™.


Uniquely located on the geographical borderline of Europe and Asia, and at the foot of the Ural Mountains, Ekaterinburg has a population of 1.37 million.


Founded in the 13th century by knights of the Teutonic Order and formerly known as Königsberg, the capital of East Prussia, Kaliningrad is home to over 450,000 people.


Kazan is at the forefront of Russian sport, home to some of the best football, basketball and hockey teams in the country.


Founded in the 12th century, Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and one of the most renowned and fascinating cities in the world.

Nizhny Novgorod

Due to its advantageous location on the Volga River, Nizhny Novgorod developed into Russia’s key commerce centre in the 19th century.


Known from the time of Herodotus as a land of warlike Scythians, the endless steppes of the Don river basin eventually became home to the freedom-loving Cossacks.


Samara is the capital of the Samara Region and is home to 1.13 million people. Samara is one of the most prominent Volga region cities and it is famous as Russia’s aerospace centre.


Located in central Russia, Saransk is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia and the area where all Finno-Ugric nations began.


The Black Sea resort of Sochi has risen to global prominence after having been awarded the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Saint Petersburg

Founded by Peter I the Great in 1703 as Russia’s new imperial capital, Saint Petersburg is the ultimate embodiment of artistic talent.


Formerly known as Stalingrad, Volgograd extends alongside the Volga River and has over 1 million residents.